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You are responsible for procuring your wedding license issued in the State in which you are being married in order to have a legal marriage. We can marry you in any state that approves of being married by a Universal Life Minister. Here is some basic information about obtaining your marriage license in Oregon.  The license from any county in Oregon can be used in any other county in Oregon.  It must be acquired no more than 60 days before your wedding day, and there is a 3-day waiting period (though it's possible to get a waiver--just ask your county).  Some counties will also allow you to apply for your marriage license by mail. Shortly after or sometimes at the conclusion of the ceremony, you, two witnesses over 18 yrs. of age plus the officiant will all sign your keepsake marriage certificate. The official one we send to the marriage bureau. The bureau provides you with a form which you send to them to receive a certified copy of this legal paper.

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The following links are to the County Marriage License Bureaus in the greater Portland metro area:

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